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Micellar Make-Up Remover

I have been using this product for over a year. It is the best make-up remover I have tried. Also love the light scent.

Blissful roller

Just tried this product for the first time. I love the fragrance and the convenience of a roller. Comes in handy when I need a quick pick me up.

Facial Moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer for a couple years now. It is a light moisturizer that leaves my face soft without feeling greasy. I love it.


Love this deodorant! Although it doesn't stop me completely from perspiring, it does take away the odor.

Lip scrub

I keep this in the shower to remind me to use it daily and I love it. Gently and easily removes dead skin.

These bombs are the bomb!

They get sudsy for a perfect bath and the oils leave my skin smooth and hydrated- not greasy. No film left in the bath after but the scent lingers on which is so pleasant.

Perfect beach locks!

A few sprays and you have an instant detangler after getting out of the water. It also helped my hair dry on the beach without getting frizzy, protected it from the salt water, and didn't weight it down. It smells wonderful, too.


Love the activated charcoal bar soap!First time using it because always afraid it would dry my skin;the opposite.I use it all over,including my face.Deep cleans and moisturizes.Will definitely order this product again.


Shea Butter & Aloe Lotion - Choice of Scent, 8 oz

It works!

Nice blend!


Bergamot Essential Oil, 10 ml


Love this product. Very gentle on my skin. My skin looks great. Will buy again


Bought this for my daughter and she loves it! Definitely will purchase again!

Excellent product!

My daughter has enjoyed this product. Will buy again!

Fantastic lotion!

Great scent, non greasy formula.

Body Butter

Oh my goodness! The Beach Bum Body Butter is the Bomb!! It is so airy and creamy, and I just can't get over the wonderful smell! I love the beach and the smell of tanning lotion gives me memories from the beach: this Beach Bum body butter has the same wonderful smell! You guys got it so right. In addition, it softens a callous on my hand like nobody's business. What a great product. I will be purchasing this again for sure!

Soap Dish

Love the soap dish! We were looking for a nice soap dish with drain capabilities and this one fit the bill! Thanks!


The jury is still out. I have used the pouch. I am waiting to see if the pouch is going to mildew. I have only used small fragments of soap in the pouch, but since the soap sticks to the pouch it is impossible to remove. I hope this helps some.


Love your soap bars...thank you..

Soap dish

It is a great item to place my soap on for drying out. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Anyone thinking of going by the shop in Smithfield, stop thinking and do it. Every bar of soap I have purchased has been wonderful to smell and use. It's a must have for me.

Great feeling!

Just started using this serum; it feels great on my face and already my skin feels softer - you can actually see results as soon as you apply!

Awesome Product

I absolutely love the All Natural Deodorant. For the most part, I use it in my travel bag, but will start using it more than I do my store bought deodorant.

Nail Brush

Nail Brush

Goat milk oatmeal soap

I love this soap. It makes my skin so soft and helps with the itching I have sometimes.


The smell was too strong for me to be able to use it. I'm very sensitive to smells but I love all the other products I have used.


Glow Natural Rosehip & Vitamin Complex Natural Facial Moisturizer, 2 oz


Spa Clean - Lavender and Lemongrass Essential Oil, 10 ml

Love this!

This product smells great and works great! Calms down frizzy wavy hair. I literally carry it everywhere by tossing it in my purse and using it throughout the day if my hair starts frizzing in the humidity. I'm buying my second bottle now!


Body Butter - Choice of Scent, 5oz

Seriously wonderfully smelling and great feeling products!

I received the tranquil sandalwood aftershave (which I use as an everyday toner), and the 202 main soap bar, and I love both. The aftershave splash is very subtle, very crisp, and it leaves my skin feeling firm and hydrated at the same time without any shine, a very tough combo to pull off. I've also noticed a positive difference in my acne, and I switched from the ultra-expensive Ursa Major products, so these products are an insanely great value as well! Such high quality ingredients. The soap bar lathers ridiculously well, and smells great. The scent is awesome and gets stronger once you use the bar a little bit. I will 100% be back to buy new products, probably the best values available today. Also, customer service is super responsive and friendly!

Soap Pouch

This pouch for your soap is not only great to keep your soap in but also aids as an exfoliator! The soap still lathers up nicely even with being inside the pouch!

B balm

These were for my sister for her exzcema and it has helped her legs clear up significantly. She was so impressed with it she ordered more herself

Raw African black soap

It's awesome! Makes your skin feel soooo soft! Love it!

Scrubber buff

I love these. They have a soft side and a rouhger side. Just love them!

My wife loves it

My wife loves this soap and all of the other products we purchased!

Awesome soap and deodorant

We bought soap from the shop and through the mail and it is all awesome. The shop was a great experience. Best natural deodorant I have used, and I have tried many!

Amazing....... say goodbye to your old bar

So I walked in to get my usual rose water toner and the woman told me all about beach bum, of course when she mentioned it was the last bar in the store it peaked my interest so I snagged it. And y'all I've dropped my dove white bar that I've used since I was a child for this Beach Bum Bar!!!!!


Great product! Within a few days I noticed improvement with my acne, no more red bumps and skin was smoother. Definitely will continue use and will recommend!


Sea Clay & Charcoal Facial Mask for Acne Prone Skin, 2.0 oz


Leaves your skin smooth. This is my third one.

green tea cucumber

its like having tea with mom! when I used it I felt really clean and soft. reminds me of an actual cucumber that I eat. all you need is a smallest pinch of salt.

lemon pie anyone?

this was a present for my nephew. he's special his bday is 7/7/7. he has skipped two grades and absolutely in love with his package. it came in a roll of green tissue paper wrapped inside of tons of crinkled bright green construction paper strips. he's going to be ten this year and he was pretending the paper was papas hair. great time! in my book of oils it says one aspect of lemon oil is to control hunger pangs. so i made him promise he'd still eat like a growing boy should. smells exactly like lemon. I think I'll add this to my collection. who doesn't need to lose a few pounds. it also has antibacterial affects. I gave him my old diffuser so that means auntie gets a new one! one drop will do ya! another awesome product.


I am so very glad I found this quaint store in colonial Williamsburg, Va. there is so much I want to try. today I am writing about black pepper soap. now the scent is faint but the feeling it gives you is fantastic. it makes you want to run at least a couple houses, a mile is too long, for my age is climbing that hill. your skin feels unbelievably soft and smooth. the beauty of this bar reminds me of a swirling of black and cream berries. its like baking a cake and piping the icing into squares then dragging the knife down the squares. I would give black pepper a 11 out of 10. try it, don't deny it. you'll love the mixed feelings of the product.

Lip Scrub

This smells awesome and works great, lips are very smooth and soft afterwards!! A must have!

Hand Cream

Love how it feels and absorbs into my skin without feeling oily, and love the smell. It last a long time after applying on skin.

5 star

Long lasting and perfect for my skin. Can't go wrong with any of their products. Customer service is outstanding!

My new addiction

I carry this spray with me 24/7! The scent - Southern Belle is refreshing, my husband loves when I spray it. The product just like it says. I use it in place of
lotion and on my daughter's super sensitive eczema ridden skin! It's officially a family favorite.

Mr Right is so right for me

Love the scent, love how it feels and my wife loves it too.

Excellent scent and generous size

I visited Smithfield and found this great store. I spent an hour smelling all the soaps. I picked this one and apple blossom, which I started using first. The lather is awesome and I love the size and quality. This one has an amazing scent. Will definitely order continually in the future! Great find!

Smell and lather awesome

I discovered this on a trip to Smithfield, and spent an hour smelling all the awesome soaps. I love this scent so much. It's clean and leaves a great scent on your skin. Super huge bar and I love the luxurious lather. Definitely will order from there from now on!!!!